Our Build

Arrived on trailer

Arrived on trailer

Tear Down Begins

Tear Down Begins

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js640_4525 001
Now we can start...

Now we can start…

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Vehicle Selection:

We have chosen a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon(TJ) We chose the TJ as it has great availability of aftermarket parts, strong frame and we have considerable seat time in one.

Havasu Crawlerz:

Havasu Crawlerz is toy shop opened by Brian & Carrie Schultz to have a place for themselves and their friends to work on/build off road vehicles. It was purchased in May of 2014 and has been critical in many projects getting completed. While it is not a full fab shop it has all the necessary tools to complete this 4500 class build(full lift, compressor, welders, benders, etc.)


Everyone that is involved in this build are friends from off-roading and most are members of the Parker 4Wheelers off road club. They all have extensive race backgrounds and mechanical knowledge. Some have competed in the Hammers previously, the Baja 1000 and many Best In The Desert series races. They all have fulltime jobs ranging from small business owner to County employees and are doing this project as a labor of love/passion.



Brian Schultz
Carrie Schultz
Aaron Ada
Dennis Silvers
Ryan Atkins
Glen Bohannon
Michael Hopster
Martin Schloeser
Wayne Sanchez
Tyler Hutchins
Dishon Jones-Bower
Brandon Steffensmeier
Jeff Oldfield
Jeff Eastvedt
Travis Cullins


We rebuilt a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Ultra 4 4500 class race car. We completely removed the factory body and built a 2” Chromoly chassis on top of the factory frame. All body panels are aluminum, including the hood. We are running a GM LQ4 6.0 V8 engine with a Borla Exhaust, 4L65E transmission with a TCS convertor, Atlas 3.0 Transfer case, Howe Trophy truck steering, Ron Davis Radiator, CBR Transmission cooler, Fuel Safe Safety cell, Solid Industries high pinion Dana 60 axle front and rear, Powertrank C02 bottle with ARB airlockers, RCV 300m axle shafts ADS 2.5 coilovers, ADS triple bypass rear shocks, Warn winch, Master Craft 3G seats, Trail Ready beadlock wheels and Cooper STT Pro tires and a Safecraft fire suppression system..


Since this is not a professional race team build or a manufacture build, we are looking for any help we can get. What we need help with is all the items that are required to make this a competitive build. We understand that companies are approached all the time for handouts and we are trying to take very different approach. We are looking for any help you can provide and will repay that help with great social media marketing, internet advertising and lots of name recognition at events. We feel proof is always in the pudding and this build is great way to show that our sponsors products can withstand the toughest racing conditions in the world and it doesn’t have to be $200,000 race car to do it. We are open to any other ideas that our sponsors feel will be beneficial.


Please feel free to contact Brian Schultz at 520-471-2854 or brian@riverviewautosales.com with all questions or input.